Traditional Poker vs Video Poker

Poker is certainly the most popular casino game, no matter if you are playing it in a land based casino or an online casino.

There have been many questions regarding whether there is any difference between normal poker and video poker, and if there are, what are the differences. There are differences between these two games, and the differences are numerous. According to what the player is searching for, both have their benefits and excitements, and the choice ultimately depends on the individual’s personality.

One of the differences is that video poker requires way less skills than traditional poker - it is quicker to play even for those who have only a basic knowledge of poker. Video poker is certainly for people who do not have the necessary time and patience to play a round of poker. Video poker can be played in a shorter space of time for fun, while traditional poker requires more well developed tactics, skills and a great deal of patience iIf you are willing to become a good and experienced poker player. These differences do not stop video poker and traditional from co-existing, usually those who love to play traditional poker also have the same fun by playing video poker and vice-versa.

Video poker is the combination of five card poker and slots, which makes it different from traditional. Of course, playing video poker does not mean you just have to pull the arm and leave it to luck, as in video poker the player can influence the flow of the game. Video poker has numerous variations unlike traditional, and because it is computerized, it can be played both offline as well as online. Bets and bankrolls are easier to control and are more systematic than in case of traditional poker. Usually players prefer video poker, because of its minimal poker knowledge requirement and some prefer the light game against the strict strategies and rules applied in traditional.

The atmosphere of playing traditional is way different than to that of video poker. Sitting around the table, betting, raising, folding or learning other players’ behavior and strategies is a well developed ritual, which cannot be replaced by video poker. The results in video poker only depend on the player’s card combination, while in traditional you cannot predict other players’ hands, until the end of the game - this skepticism, adrenalin and mysticism cannot be acquired by playing video poker. Needing strategies and far more skills than video poker, traditional teaches you how to manipulate, exercise self control and play under stress, which feeling cannot be replaced by anything else, mostly video poker.

These are the main differences between traditional and video poker, but no matter which one you prefer I am sure, both will make your time and play enjoyable and exciting.


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