Playing Poker Pot Odds

Playing Poker Pot Odds is definitely not for the novice, but it is a tactic that should definitely be learned over time as it is definitely one that can have high rewards. Poker Pot odds can be quite straightforward and over time, will become second nature. You do not need to be a mathematical wiz to utilize the benefit of Poker Pot Odds, you just need to know a few simple rules.

Let’s establish what Pot Odds are. Pot Odds are the likelihood of you improving your hand during the course of the game and betting accordingly. This means that should you be holding a reasonable good hand, and calculating how many of the cards that you still need to make your hand a brilliant hand, and then in the next couple of rounds the probability of obtaining those cards and then betting according to that eventual outcome.

The Flush draws and the straight draws are undoubtedly the two most common drawing hands, and here there is a pretty standard percentage that you can work on. For a flush the odds are 4:1 and for a straight 5:1. These numbers have been rounded off, but the margin or inaccuracy is so small it will definitely have no effect on your game and hence makes Pot Odds so much easier.

Remember that on the turn or the river, after the flop, you can improve, but the more you use pot odds, the easier it will become and eventually you will be able to use the combined odds for both the river and the turn. This can be a bit dangerous as it will just about force you to call on the turn to see the river, but these odds can also be used separately to give you a greater advantage.


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