Poker Bluffing

Poker bluffing is one of the oldest trick in the trade, but few can get it right. The whole idea behind bluffing is to fool your counterparts into believing what you want them to believe.

You can either be holding a really good hand, and trying to bluff them that you hand is not that good or vice versa, but it all depends on you as to what you are going to convey to them.

When it comes to bluffing it is imperative that you develop the proverbial poker face. Here you face does not move, your eyes show no emotions and your mouth does not even do so much as twitch. Here you look at your cards absolutely impassively – no matter what you hand holds.

If you are new to Poker Bluffing, then try and keep your bluffing to smaller tables. It is easier to get a few people to fold, believing that you are holding an absolutely fantastic hand compared to sitting at a table where there are 7, 8 9 or even 10 people sitting.

Bet realistically. Don’t go in guns blazing and be blaze about it all. After all you want your opponents to bet their money, so bet, raise according to what the table is dictating.

The best rule of thumb in any poker bluffing is to keep it realistic. Take it easy, do it slowly and do not get carried away. You are concentrating on your game, but at the same time you must be aware that you are bluffing, and no matter what an opponent does, how much he puts on the table or whatever happens, you must stay in control.

Poker Bluffing only works really well when you are playing against live players, but of course if you are playing online, you can still bluff, but here it is far easier as your opponents have no idea who you are and cannot see your face or read your body language.

Poker is a game of skill, a gave for those with strong nerves and a game that has the world talking at the moment, so get those bluffing skills honed and join the thousands of people who absolutely love this game.

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