Video Poker

Video Poker was designed for people who really enjoy playing the game of poker but find the tables slightly intimidating. With a video poker game, it is just you and the machine and hence you are not competing or dealing with other people.

Video Poker comes in different forms. Jacks or Better, Spin Poker, Double Down Stud Poker, Face Aces Poker, Spin Poker, Single and Multi Hand Poker and just a host of other games are all available depending on what software powers a particular online casino.

Rules for Video Poker are the same as in any poker game. A Royal Flush is when you have a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all in the same suit, straight Flush, five consecutive cards in the same suit, Four of a Kind, four cards with the same numerical value but different suits, Full House, three cards with same numerical value plus two cards with same numerical value, a Flush, five cards of the same suite but in numerical order, a Straight, five consecutive cards but in different suits, Three of a kind, three cards with same numerical values and Two Pairs, two sets of cards depicting the same numerical value

Each game has its own individual colour scheme, its own theme and its own rewards, but the common denominator in all these games is you generally have the same buttons at the bottom of the screen. There will be a hold button, to hold any cards that you wish to keep. a bet one button for when you only want to place one or two bets and a Bet Max button when you want to bet the maximum amount that is allowed by that particular game. Then there is the play or deal button to use once your bets are placed and the cash out button for when you feel you want to move onto another game.

Video Poker requires you to have a very basic amount of knowledge in regards to the game of poker, but it is not a game that requires huge amount of skill. You have limited choices to make and the machine does the rest. All Video Poker games are fun, fast and certainly will keep you entertained.


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