Omaha High

There are four cards dealt face down to each player in the hand at that moment. After the four face down cards are dealt, the two players to the left of the dealer are forced to post blinds - this is a bet done without looking at your cards. Usually the small blind is half the amount of the big blind. Along with blinds, there can also be an ante but this is not always played with when you use blinds.

As soon as the blinds are posted, the initial round of betting starts, usually with the player to the left of the big blind. This rule can be changed and just the player to the left of the dealer will start the initial round of bets. During this round of bets you have the option to call the blind, raise the blind, fold, or check if you are in the big blind. This round of betting ends when the final bet is made by the big blind, checked or called.

As soon as the round of betting ends, the dealer burns one card - thus placing it face down - and then deals out a further three cards face up. These cards are known as community cards and are referred to as the flop. You can now use those three community cards to make your best five card hand, but keep in mind you still have two more community cards to be dealt. After the flop there is a round of betting which goes about the same way as in the previous round.

After this round of betting is over, the dealer burns one more card and then places one card face up. This is called the turn or fourth street, and is your fourth community card of five. At this point you need to now try and make your best five card hand using a selected two of the four cards that you were dealt face down and three of the four community cards. A round of betting occurs, and after this the dealer burns one last card and deals the last community card face up.

This card is known as the river or fifth street, and is the last card that you have. You now have all the cards that you will get, and you must use two of your four face down cards plus three from the community cards to make your best five card hand. A round of betting occurs and the best hand wins unless you fold because of a bluff.

Remember that you can only use two of your four cards so this not only gives you more possibilities to make a hand, but it also give your opponent more options. You often see a lot of three of a kinds, straights, and flushes in omaha so when you hit a middle pair make sure that you know that you probably wont win with it.

There are different variations of the game of omaha that you can play including omaha high low. These small twists on the game make it a lot more challenging and interesting, however many players like to just stick to normal omaha high.

Hand Rankings

  • High card- Ace high
  • Pair- Two Aces
  • Two pair- Two Aces and Two kings. Highest pair wins.
  • Three of a kind- Three aces
  • Straight- five cards in sequential order such as 10 J Q K A
  • Flush- five cards of the same suit and highest card in the flush wins if two or more players have flushes.
  • Full house- Three of a kind and a pair. Highest three of a kind wins.
  • 4 of a kind- four cards such as 4 aces.
  • Straight flush- five cards in sequential order all of the same suit. Highest card in the straight flush wins.
  • Royal flush- 10 J Q K A suited.

For a visual guide to the various poker hands, see our Basic Poker Hands page.



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