Omaha 8 or Better

When you Play Omaha 8 or better, you are essentially playing Omaha high,except there is one added aspect to the game. This aspect is the fact that the best hand lower then 8 high will win half of the pot. This allows for a variety of strategies to be played amongst some of the similar strategies that are played in Omaha high.

The main thing to remember when playing Omaha 8 or better is that the highest hand will still always win at least half of the pot. Often, players will focus too much on playing a low hand that they clearly forget that a high hand will do just as good. One of the strategies to focus on when you are just starting playing Omaha 8 or better is to concentrate only on playing high hands. If you do this, you will eliminate the complications and worries of a low hand, and as a beginner your play will be easier.

Due to the fact that there will be five community cards that everyone can use, there is a good chance that more than one person will qualify for the low hand. In a case such as this, you will want to stay in the hand as long as you have a decent high and a decent low, since the possibilities of drawing is far greater. However, do not stay in the hand if your opponents are betting large amounts. It is not worth it to try and fish for expensive cards, when even when you make your hand you still might not be a winner.

Omaha 8 or better strategy is pretty complex and has a variety of ideas and concepts behind it. There are many ways to play the game, and a high and low hand winning makes the game much more interesting and intellectually indulging to play. You could play your hand with the perfect strategy and still lose to a beginner, but at the same time you can play a poor hand and beat a pro. It is this element of online poker that makes it such an inviting game.

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