Gambling Law in South Africa

With the draft Remote Gambling Bill of 2014 being published in the Government Gazette on Wednesday, 23 April 2014, it looks like things will be changing soon regarding the Gambling Law in South Africa. However, in the meantime, since 2011, the South African government has declared online gambling illegal within the limits of the country. No online casinos can officially operate within the country, however, this has not stopped thousands of players from South Africa enjoying all the games that several online casinos offer. How?

The answer to that is simple. While the government regulations restrict online casino sites based out of the country, or within the country’s limits, they do not have a hold on the gamblers per se. This means that citizens of the country can fulfill their gambling desires online at various international sites that are not based in South Africa but which cater to their needs perfectly. There is no reason why players should shy away from trying out the international casino sites when it has been legally proven that no gambler can be prosecuted for playing at an international site, so long as the site is not based out of South Africa and does not violate the laws applicable for gaming and gambling in the country.

Many online casino sites have re-branded themselves in such a way so that they cater directly to the crowd in the country. They even have protocols in place to help South African players deposit money via online transfer or withdrawing their payouts. At Silversands Casino, the transaction can be made entirely in the local currency of Rands as opposed to the internationally accepted currency of dollars. This direct catering from the international casino sites to the slot players in the country has made it easier for gamers to access their daily dose of their favorite casino slots. With so many casinos and offers to choose from, it is easy to lose focus. If you are playing online, it is very important that you choose a trusted and reliable casino site.

Finding the best online casino

There are numerous international gambling sites trying to lure South African players, but an even more important dilemma remains. Which of these sites should you prefer to play and stake your money at? What are the merits and demerits of playing at one casino versus the other? For these queries and more, one should try sites which bring to you reviews and rankings of international casino sites which can help you make an informed decision before you wager your money. It is in your favor to know more about the casino you are interacting with before you deposit your money with them. Knowing the rules of these casinos and the bonuses that you can win can help you make better decisions with your money.

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