This poker guide has been going for a number of years now and we offer a number of great articles that guide you on how to play poker from beginner to advanced. We certainly know where are the best places to play online poker in Africa . We are dedicated to providing our visitors with the best Poker Rooms on the net! We only promote selected online poker rooms so you wont be caught short.

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Poker Articles

Africans are now at liberty to join in with the rest of the world and play online poker for real rands against real people. Be sure to check out our extensive African poker reviews before you begin playing! It is important to make sure that the Poker Room meets with your expectations, and that you feel comfortable with the Poker Rooms rules and regulations.

Reviews of Online Poker Rooms

There are a number of individual online poker rooms available across the entire net that offer Poker only. But having said that, you can play at an online casino of your choice and have the best of all worlds where they offer you all casino games from Blackjack to a wide selection of different types of Slots.

With online gambling changing so fast, and a surge in the choice between online casinos, it’s hard to filter the good from the bad. The newest online casino to come out of South Africa offers attractive bonuses and the latest selection of games. This is one SA online casino that stays true to what a modern casino should be.

Poker Bonuses

Poker Rooms such as Silversands Poker offer players very lucrative bonuses. The only way you will be able to clear your online poker bonus is by obviously playing poker - in fact this would also apply should you be playing online slot machines or any other online casino game. The online poker bonus is cleared once you have played the required number of raked hands. However these raked hands will vary according to each Poker Room. In some cases you may be required to play ten times the amount of the bonus you are trying to clear, which in effect means that you would have to play 1000 hands to clear a bonus. In other cases, you may be required to generate an amount in rake equal to the amount of the bonus offered through cash play. Therefore it is imperative that you read through the requirements before accepting the bonus

As a service to you the player, we have included the poker bonus offered and the requirements for each Poker Room reviewed at this site. There are a lot of casino online poker rooms available, make sure that you selected the one that is most comfortable for you.

Poker Variations

There are a great many variations to the game of Poker - Please feel free to visit our Poker Variations page which will give you the basic Poker Hands, and guide you to our individual Poker Strategies - from how to play Basic Poker to some of the more popular Poker Games played world wide.


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